How Cody Royle is Changing the Coaching Landscape in Elite Sports
How Cody Royle is Changing the Coaching Landscape in Elite Sports

How Cody Royle is Changing the Coaching Landscape in Elite Sports

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Cody Royle believes the greatest source of competitive advantage available in sports is the optimization of a Head Coach. He’s devoted his career to providing that optimization to coaches all over the world.

Royle, known as the Coach of Head Coaches, is a high performance leadership coach who works directly with 17 head coaches of six different sports across five countries.

What allows for Royle’s contributions to head coaches to be so effective is his ability to bring a shift to the coaching mindset. Often coaches get caught up in the idea that they must have all the answers and they themselves are a flawless product. Rather, Royle provides a perspective that coaches who aren’t willing to be coached themselves won’t have the ability to reach their full potential. Royle puts into perspective that we must begin to think of coaches as performers along with the athletes. This perspective focuses on appreciating what a coaching performance entails while also seeking quality coaching not necessarily more coaching.

The approach that Royle takes has a primary focus on performance and well-being. This allows his mentees to have access to their best coaching skills when they need them most. The ultimate goal of Royle’s guidance is to help garner strategies and structures so that coaches are not just able to give a championship performance, but one that is capable of building a juggernaut.

Royle spent his childhood growing up in Canberra, Australia, where he was introduced to the game of rugby at age six. Royle would go out in his front yard garden and play mock rugby matches incorporating substitutions, injuries, and tactical adjustments. From a young age, Royle was engulfed in sports and the strategy behind play-making decisions. 

Cody Royle - 2024 TCS Live - Presenter - Rugby
Cody Royle representing Canada Northwind of the AFL. As head coach, Royle led the Northwind to a 2014 International Cup Division 1 title.

After his family moved to Melbourne, Royle transitioned his passion to Aussie Rules, the Australian version of football. Royle’s passion for the game led him to play the sport during his high school days. Royle earned a state selection at the U15, U16, and U18 level. Additionally during his time in high school, Royle also won a State Championship in the 4×100 relay. 

Royle didn’t turn pro for his respective sports, rather he started coaching at the age of 23. Royle joined the Calder Cannons of the elite junior system before eventually leading Canada’s men’s National Team. Royle also had the opportunity to work with elite athletes in Aussie Rules through AFL Canada’s performance teams. 

Cody Royle - 2024 TCS Live - Presenter
Royle transitioned from head coach to coach mentor and has written 3 books in the process.

After spending time coaching at an elite level, Royle sought to accomplish a new goal which was to find a system to provide better mentorship and resources to those in coaching roles. Self described as a born leader, Royle dedicated his efforts to finding ways to be a mentor for coaches. By talking to various sports figures and conducting detailed research, Royle has been able to establish an ability to connect with and guide coaches to not just get to the next highest level but stay at that desired level.

In addition to his coaching, Royle is also a distinguished author. Royle has written three books with a focus on coaching and leadership. Royle’s three books are titled Where Others Won’t, The Tough Stuff, and Second Set of Eyes. Along with his books, Royle also has written numerous articles featuring inspiration to solve some of the biggest challenges in coaching. Royle’s work is also featured on his podcast where he hosts several guests who dive deeper into the leadership and culture secrets of the world’s best teams. 

Cody Royle - 2024 TCS Live - Presenter - Coaching Coaches
Royle has appeared on a variety of podcast channels including the Glass & Out and Supporting Champions podcasts to talk about what it means to coach other coaches.

The invested dedication that Royle has committed to being a monumental figure in many coaches’ lives has left a substantial impact on the coaching profession. Royle is still discovering new ways to help guide his mentees to new levels and increase their ability to enhance their coaching performances. Royle’s life mission is to change the coaching landscape in elite sports, which he is making noteworthy strides in accomplishing. 

We are honored to welcome Cody Royle to TCS Live this June, where he will speak more about his coaching philosophy and what makes him such a prominent leader in the coaching industry.

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