Socialize During TCS Live Overtime Events
Socialize During TCS Live Overtime Events

Socialize During TCS Live Overtime Events

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A ticket to TCS Live is good for much more than just world class presentations. The Overtime events are almost worth the price of admission on their own, especially if you enjoy networking.

Last year three social events were held as part of TCS Live, all filled with food, drinks, laughter and hockey talk – tons of hockey talk. Although we’re not ready to reveal our social schedule for 2024’s event, we guarantee good times. We understand the importance of networking and what it can do for your career.

Paul Vincent - TCS Live Presenter

“You can draw a direct line for some coaches to a conference we’ve put on and the next coaching opportunity they got,” said Aaron Wilbur, Founder & CEO of The Coaches Site.

“It’s all about networking. It’s not a mistake, networking is a learned skill, it’s intentional and it happens every single day. The best coaches recognize that coaching is about relationships.”

Jussi Ahokas - TCS Live Presenter

TCS Live is about connecting you with our global hockey community, which includes our presenters. Have some questions for the NHL coach who just presented? They’ll be mingling at our social events looking to lend a hand to anyone looking for advice.

But, as Wilbur believes, the best contact you make all conference could be the person you randomly sit beside on Day 1.

“These conferences aren’t just about the knowledge gained from presenters on stage,” explained Wilbur. “A huge part of this is the people they are sitting beside and are meeting throughout the conference, who become friends, and they stay in touch and help each other through tough coaching times.”

Jussi Ahokas - TCS Live Presenter

TCS Live tickets are on sale now, secure your seat today:

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