Best of TCS Live Presentations: Skill Development
Best of TCS Live Presentations: Skill Development

Best of TCS Live Presentations: Skill Development

On-ice presentations at TCS Live go beyond the theory and display how the game’s top coaches instruct, build progressions and interact with their players.

This edition of the Best of TCS Live series focuses on the skills needed to develop the next generation of players.

Last year’s event covered a variety of topics, including puck possession, playing with pace and creating deception, all integral skills utilized in today’s game. Head on-ice to learn tips and tricks from hockey’s best.

Best of TCS Live series:

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Nathaniel Brooks – Position over Possession: Optimizing Offensive Zone Play

During last year’s TCS Live, Arizona Coyotes Skill Development Coach Nathaniel Brooks took to the ice for a presentation all about creating space to optimize puck possession in the offensive zone. 

As Brooks explains, it’s all about creating opportunities.

“We talk a lot about winning second man races. If we’re going to do that to be able to make plays, it’s vital that the first puck touch we come out with possession and the opportunity to make a play.”

Get out your notepad for this must-watch presentation on creating offence through efficient puck protection and possession.

Watch the full presentation.

Dwayne Blais – How to Implement Skills that Allow your Team to Play with Pace

What does “playing with pace” mean to you?

That’s the first question posed by Dwayne Blais, Professional Skill Coach with the Detroit Red Wings, during his TCS Live presentation. He breaks it down into two simple pieces: on-ice awareness and communication.

“Most high levels we coach at everyone can skate, everyone can stickhandle, everyone can puck handle and everyone can pass…but if we can get them to communicate and be aware of their surroundings, then you can play with pace and play a lot faster.”

Blais’ on-ice presentation in Ann Arbor last summer was heavily attended and one many coaches said they learned a lot from. You will too.

Watch the full presentation.

Kris Beech – Power Play Deception & Nifty Passing

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov makes insane plays look easy. He does it so regularly, crazy plays have become part of his repertoire.

Deception is the word that comes to mind when describing Kucherov for former NHLer Kris Beech, who gave an on-ice presentation during TCS Live 2022. Beech’s presentation is about teaching deception in three main areas: feet, stick and head, using drills he runs with U15 players all the way up to the pros.

“I’ve got four main drills, one is a warm-up drill, the other three are run in station progressions, breaking down the skills involved with deception and passing on the power play. This would be a station practice for your power play, they’re all high plays, and you get a lot of reps working on technical skills of the power play.”

Watching this presentation will give you an instant practice plan to implement and improve your power play immediately.

Watch the full presentation.