Best of TCS Live Presentations: Leadership & Culture
Best of TCS Live Presentations: Leadership & Culture

Best of TCS Live Presentations: Leadership & Culture

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At TCS Live, presenters dive deep into their philosophies and methods for building team success by connecting with the people they lead.

In the final instalment of the Best of TCS Live, we highlight some of the top presentations from last year’s conference on the topic of leadership and culture building.

Check out these must-watch presentations that will no doubt have you wondering if you’re a leader worth following.

Best of TCS Live series:

Dr. Jody Carrington – Leading a Connected Culture

“Why do a bunch of hockey coaches need a child psychologist?”

Those are the first 11 words Dr. Jody Carrington said when she took the stage as the keynote speaker at TCS Live 2023. We had some big name coaches present during Hockey’s Premiere Coaching Conference,  and even Carrington was hilariously questioning why she was chosen to close out the event.

Those in attendance know exactly why she was selected as keynote speaker and now you can too.

Carrington is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent most of her career working with children and families who have experienced trauma. The native of Viking, Alberta, previously worked on the Mental Health Inpatient Units of the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary for 10 years. Through her experience she’s developed an affinity for helping teams and organizations solve their most complex, human centered problems.

Her TCS Live presentation is focused on helping coaches lead a connected culture, which is learning how to connect with even the most difficult of children. Having helped over 1,000 kids in her life, Carrington says she has yet to meet a bad kid. They all simply need love and support – old school coaches, this lesson is especially important for you.

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Ryan Blanck – The Psychology of Leadership: Are You Worth Following?

Why would someone who primarily works with National Football League franchises be selected as a keynote presenter at TCS Live?

Because all coaches are human.

Ryan Blanck, Founder & CEO of Deviate, knows this and teaches principles that apply across all sports and businesses. He’s now known as the “Horse Whisperer for NFL executives,” because of the groundbreaking principles he has taught to over half the top football organizations in the world.

At TCS Live 2023, Blanck asked everyone in attendance if they were leaders and if they were worth following. Attendees paid closed attention to this presentation because Blanck, who routinely changes the culture of large NFL dressing rooms, dove into themes and topics that left attendees equally as prepared to make an impact with their hockey teams.

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Matt McIlvane – The Adversity Survival Guide

During every hockey season, every hockey coach will experience a period of difficulty, hardship or misfortune. It’s called adversity. It’s completely normal and comes in multiple shapes and sizes, from a bad call from an official or a cold power play, to a player struggling to score or your team on a bad losing streak. Although they all have varying timelines, some basic principles apply to them all.

At TCS Live 2023, San Diego Gulls Head Coach Matt McIlvane gave a rousing presentation called The Adversity Survival Guide. Through looking back on his team’s season, McIlvane, who coached EC Red Bull Salzburg Head Coach for three seasons prior, shares his three main pillars for dealing with adversity: planning ahead, being the role model and collaborating your way out.

McIlvane doesn’t just talk the talk, over the past two seasons he walked the walk. EC Red Bull Salzburg is fresh off two consecutive win2day ICE Hockey League championships, both featuring their fair share of adversity.

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