Best of TCS Live Presentations: Women's Hockey
Best of TCS Live Presentations: Women’s Hockey

Best of TCS Live Presentations: Women’s Hockey

TCS Live is all about sharing fresh perspectives from coaches of all backgrounds and we believe there is great power in bringing together ambitious female coaches.

Over the past two years, we’re proud to have provided a stage for 10 female presenters to share their experience and insights with our global coaching community.

This year, for the first time, we’ve introduced the Female Coach Summit to the conference! Through a variety of specialized presentations and workshops, we aim to cultivate a community where female coaches thrive and continue to break barriers in hockey. Learn more here.

Get ready for this year’s conference by taking a look back at some of the top female presentations from 2023.

Best of TCS Live series:

Carla MacLeod – Creating Authentic Connections

Since the Czechia’s National Women’s team began playing in the World Championship in 1999, the team has medaled twice: in 2022 & 2023. Those are the first medals in the history of Czechia’s National Women’s team program. What’s significant about that is those are the first two seasons the team has played under Head Coach Carla MacLeod. What’s the secret to such an impressive turnaround on the world stage? Being authentic.

To MacLeod, who is currently the Head Coach of the PWHL’s Ottawa franchise, that means asking players straight up what they need from the coaching staff in order to be successful. The response she got from over 80 per cent of her team was honest communication and feeling respected. This gave MacLeod a glimpse into how the team had been run prior to her arrival and reinforced that it wasn’t necessarily going to be about what she was teaching, but how she was teaching it.

Check out MacLeod’s talk from last year’s TCS Live where she shares why coaches need both focus and fun to be successful, not just one or the other.

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Kori Cheverie – How to Turn Off Auto-Pilot and Develop High-Performing Players

There seems to be a belief in the hockey world that once a coach reaches a certain level of coaching, say having a role on an Olympic team for example, they’ve made it. The truth is, coaching is just like playing and is anything but linear. PWHL Montreal Head Coach Kori Cheverie reminded everyone that during her powerful TCS Live presentation in 2023.

Cheverie was named an Assistant Coach of the Canadian National Women’s team for the 2022 Beijing Games. Prior to leaving for the games, Cheverie tested positive for Covid and was unable to make the trip with Team Canada. Instead of being down on herself, Cheverie changed her mindset. She altered her sleep schedule and continued to coach the team virtually, ultimately leading to a gold medal for Team Canada.

Following the Olympics, Cheverie led the Nova Scotia U18s at the Canada Winter Games to a silver medal and a generational upset over Team Ontario.

During all this winning, Cheverie made a drastic mindset shift as a coach realizing perfection and fearing failure have no place behind the bench. Watch as she reflects on her experiences and encourages coaches to be curious and creative about the possibilities of what can be accomplished.

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Cathy Andrade – Leveraging Crossover Patterning for Skating Development

When Cathy Andrade moved from Calgary, Alberta, to San Jose, California, in the early 90s, she did not hang up her skates in favour of a surfboard.

In fact, she did the opposite.

Andrade, a former competitive figure skater, doubled down on life in the rink and is now regarded as one of California’s premier power skating instructors. She has coached tens of thousands of skating lessons to athletes ranging from minor level hockey players through NCAA D-I, PWHPA, OHL, AHL, KHL, USA National Team, Olympic Team members & NHLers, over the past 37 years.

At TCS Live 2023, Cathy, alongside her son Cameron, demonstrate and teach patterning to become the most effective skater possible. No more wasted glides, don’t hang on your toes, improve your posture, learn mohawk turns, and learn how to use your undercut when coming off your inside edges.

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