Tim Turk: Hockey's Top Shooting Coach
Tim Turk: Hockey’s Top Shooting Coach

Tim Turk: Hockey’s Top Shooting Coach

From working for five NHL organizations to lending his talents to numerous national development programs across the globe, Tim Turk is one of hockey’s most knowledgeable and established shooting and scoring coaches.

The key to Turk’s ability to advance a player’s shot is his understanding that every player needs to be coached differently. Turk has bought into the philosophy that he can’t teach every player the same type of technique because everyone is configured differently. Every player that Turk guides is different in characteristics, such as their body size and their ability to generate speed and power in a certain distance or area of the ice. What separates Turk is his ability to coach each player individually and analyze what areas of their skill set need adjustment and guidance. From this tactical approach, Turk can develop drills and practices to enhance and advance every player’s game.

Tim Turk - 2024 TCS Live - Presenter - Minor Hokcey
Tim Turk brings a unique skill-set to the hockey coaching space, working with youth hockey players, all the way to the NHLs top scorers.

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Turk developed a love for the game at age 12 through daily street hockey games with friends. While in high school, Turk was a shooter for a goalie school. Turk caught the eye of the goalie school’s owner who quickly recognized the preciseness of his shot and recommended the teaching of Turk’s techniques to other players.   

At age 20, Turk got his first taste of the coaching world by helping to coach a Peewee A team with one of his friends. Through this experience, Turk discovered his passion for teaching and guiding players in the fundamentals of the sport. After a couple of years of coaching, Turk took a unique approach and circled back to the idea of teaching players the specific techniques of shooting. Similar to the style of the goalie school that he was a shooter for, Turk piloted a hockey shooting-specific school. By advertising the new shooting school to the students of the goalie school, the initial launch had many young players, such as Steven Stamkos and Jason Spezza, eagerly looking for an opportunity to develop their shot.

Early on Turk developed a technical-driven teaching method that focuses on every aspect of a player’s shot. Through filming and analyzing different players’ shots, Turk devoted time dissecting every minute detail to find ways to further develop and enhance the shooting aspect of a player’s game. 

Tim Turk - 2024 TCS Live - Presenter - Carolina Hurricanes
Turk has worked for many NHL organizations including, the Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Carolina Hurricanes, Arizona Coyotes and Calgary Flames

After perfecting his coaching style, Turk began to gain recognition from NHL teams. In 1999, Turk joined the coaching staff of the Buffalo Sabres where he focused on advancing players’ shooting and scoring ability using the same skills he perfected at his shooting school. Turk went on to work for four other NHL teams specializing as a shooting and scoring coach. As one of the most respected shooting coaches in the game, Turk has had his hand in crafting the shots of past and present NHL household names such as Connor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin, Connor Bedard, and P.K Subban. 

In addition to coaching in the NHL, Turk has also led numerous shooting clinics internationally at various hockey development organizations. Turk also launched a YouTube channel where he posts tutorials and hockey situational videos that focus on shooting and scoring. For more personal training, one can visit his online hockey development company called, “Tim Turk Hockey”, where he has created an online training development program. Turk has continued to have a meaningful impact on players at all levels as he offers various training camps and skill sessions to help players master their shots.

Whether coaching a mini mite or a 15-year NHL veteran, Turk has the ability to develop and advance any player’s shot to the next level. We are delighted to welcome Turk to TCS Live in June where he will provide greater insight into what makes him one of the most reputable hockey skills and techniques coaches.

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