Explore Yost Ice Arena, the host of TCS Live on-ice presentations
Explore Yost Ice Arena, the host of TCS Live on-ice presentations

Explore Yost Ice Arena, the host of TCS Live on-ice presentations

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In 1923, construction was completed on Fielding H. Yost Field House, the largest indoor building of its kind on any campus in the United States. It was used for indoor track and field, basketball practices and games, as well as football and baseball practices.

It wasn’t until 1973 that Yost Ice Arena, as we know it today, was introduced; the name change coincided with the first hockey game ever played there on November 2nd, 1973.

Since then this one-of-a-kind facility has been established as one of the best venues in college hockey and a must-visit for “true hockey fans.” Yost was voted the fifth-best College Hockey Venue by Stadium Journey. 

Red Berenson helped bring Michigan Wolverines hockey to the forefront of the hockey conversation in the NCAA. By keeping the tradition, the Wolverines have created an atmosphere that is second to none in the league. If you are a true hockey fan, then a trip to Yost Ice Arena must be in the cards for you.

Truthfully, you have to see Yost to believe it…

Paul Vincent - TCS Live Presenter
Jussi Ahokas - TCS Live Presenter
Ted Suihkonen - The Coaches Site Live Presenter
Tim Turk - TCS Live Presenter

Being able to host TCS Live on-ice presentations at Yost is truly a privilege. Over the last two years, we’ve hosted 10 on-ice demonstrations from some hockey’s biggest names, including Brandon Naurato, John Riley and Dwayne Blais. Each presented their philosophies across a variety of topics and left attendees with a full toolbox for their season.

Check out the full facility tour below for an in-depth look at the venue you get to call home during TCS Live.

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