SuperDeker is an Advanced Hockey Training Aid for players of all ages and skill levels to work on stickhandling training at anytime, anywhere in the world.

·         PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY ICE HOCKEY TRAINING: Improve your shot, stick handling and more as you train like a pro on the most advanced off-ice hockey training system available! Three modes help you develop the skills necessary to make you a better hockey player.

·         AUTOMATIC SCOREBOARD WITH SOUND: The SuperDeker has high quality sensors in the synthetic ice surface can sense the location of the hockey puck. Enjoy the excitement as you score a point on the score board and hear a beep as the puck crosses over the light. Select your game, watch the time and go for a high score!

·         REAL ICE FEEL WITH A WEIGHTED PUCK: Low friction polycarbonate surface lets the puck glide for a real ice feel. The SuperDeker puck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker system. It’s a regulation weight puck that plays and feels like a real hockey puck. Rebounder Bands provide fast, crisp pass-back action.

·         ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS + EASY SET UP: The SuperDeker Training system offers a range of challenge levels. Suitable for all ages and levels of skill, from novice to advanced hockey players. Easy Assembly! Just snap the two sides together, plug in the power cable and you’re playing hockey!

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