Best of TCS Live Presentations: Offensive Tactics
Best of TCS Live Presentations: Offensive Tactics

Best of TCS Live Presentations: Offensive Tactics

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TCS Live offers the unique chance to learn from hockey’s top coaches on the topics needed to take your team to the next level. With this year’s event fast approaching, we’re taking a look back at some of the top presentations from last year.

To kick things off, we’re diving into everyone’s favourite topic: goals, goals, and more goals. In 2022, TCS Live was filled with a ton of great info on how to generate more offence, starting in your end and working your way into the ‘decision zone.’

Check out these great presentations that are sure to help you put a few more pucks in the back of the net.

Brandon Naurato – Creating Offence Inside the Decision Zone

University of Michigan Head Coach Brandon Naurato hit the ice during last year’s event to break down how he coaches offence inside the decision zone. What is the decision zone and why is it important?

“The biggest thing about why I believe the decision zone is important is because of the following plays: you’ve got options to the high ice, options to bumper support and rim release options low. That’s tough for a defence trying to keep you in a quadrant.”

Naurato’s on-ice presentation begins and ends with numerous examples from NHL play, in-between he introduces a Problem-Solution-Action plan, discusses the three moments in a game (you have it, they have it, 50/50 race), pressure vs. containment, when to attack vs. possess, and why it’s important to stay out of the cemetery.

You can hear more from Naurato this June, as he returns to the TCS Live stage. Get your ticket today.

Watch the full presentation.

Todd Woodcroft – Modern Breakout Principles & How to Teach Them

TCS Live Regular Todd Woodcroft joined us in Ann Arbor to discuss the tactic that is the start of every team’s offence: breakouts.

“Breakouts are a piece of your team’s structure – a very important piece. They’re a piece of your team’s success. It takes six players and all six players have to be involved. All six have to be aware. All six players have to be prepared. Ultimately that’s our job as coaches.”

Woodcroft believes players often get slowed down by clutter and indecision on breakouts. Players need a plan to be successful and that, for Woodcroft, involves speed. How fast can the puck be moved? How fast can players become available? How fast can the puck be moved from the d-zone into the neutral zone and into the offensive zone?

He covers it all in this must watch presentation for any coach looking to kick start their attack.

Watch the full presentation.

Paul McFarland – The Importance of Attacking Off the Rush

Paul McFarland knows a thing or two about creating offence. The Seattle Kraken Assistant Coach started his 2022 presentation by explaining the ‘why’ behind attacking off the rush and the mindset needed to generate scoring more scoring chances.

“Team’s are in vulnerable spots off the rush. They’ve either turned over puck, they maybe have a guy caught in the offensive zone. There’s a number of situations that are created from having good structure and making sure we play fast to create opportunities off the rush.”

McFarland’s presentation is a tactical masterpiece that explores why it’s important to attack off the rush, where these plays begin, and key fundamentals, execution and principles that the Kraken work through to get better.

Watch the full presentation.